Are You Hungry?

March 12, 2012 — Leave a comment

The Church of Amer­ica, for the most part, is wast­ing away. Bod­ies of believ­ers feel­ing com­pletely sat­is­fied, yet phys­i­cally they are skin and bone. 2 Tim­o­thy 2:5 tells us about hav­ing a form of God­li­ness, but deny­ing the power. Undernourished.

We, as the church, need to be a strong army, well-fed and exer­cised, ready to reap the har­vest that is coming!

It is time that we wake up! Stir up the pas­sion for God, acti­vate the hunger that we so des­per­ately need in these last days. A hunger for God’s Word, for His Pres­ence and a hunger for God’s work.

When you har­vest a field, it requires strength! It is hard work!

Why doesn’t the mod­ern church of Amer­ica have an insa­tiable appetite for God’s Word, for His Pres­ence, and for His work to be done?

We have become addicted to a “cul­tur­ally cor­rect” church, not will­ing to pay any price, or incon­ve­nience involv­ing per­sonal obedience.

Where’s your hunger level?

Your hunger sim­ply locates you in your spir­i­tual walk. If you feel no hunger pangs for God, you are dead on the inside. Now that you know where you are, do some­thing to change it!

In Thai­land, Burma and other parts of the world, they chew a mix­ture of a nut, leaves and other roots called Betel Quid. It’s a nar­cotic that tricks the mind to pre­vent hunger pangs.

The claimed effects of betel quid chew­ing are eupho­ria, a sense of well-being, height­ened alert­ness, warm sen­sa­tion of the body, com­bat against hunger and increased stamina.

In other words it makes you feel great, strong and full, when in truth you are sick, weak and starving.

Isn’t this the case in most churches today?

There is a height­ened alert­ness of what’s going on in our com­mu­ni­ties, we even have a warm sen­sa­tion when we work toward wor­thy causes. But yet the church today, in gen­eral, feels no hunger which causes us to seek God’s face, His pres­ence and His anoint­ing. Our works only glo­rify God if we are alive in Him!

If you are sat­is­fied with a cheap imi­ta­tion, there will be no hunger for the real.
Exchang­ing the truth for a lie. (Romans 1:25)

When you become dis-satisfied with the coun­ter­feit, the real will be the only thing you will desire.

The church in Rev­e­la­tion 3 had this con­di­tion. Every­thing about them gave a good name for them­selves in their com­mu­nity. Even their name said life, but yet they were dead. How­ever, the angel tells them that it was time to strengthen, set right the things that remained that weren’t dead yet.

Anoint­ing and the Word
What will cause a hunger for the things of God to return?

The Anoint­ing.

Only the aroma of the oil from the anoint­ing will stir the hunger. The aroma of the Holy Spirit’s power will stir up the hunger of the believer!

John 6:63 Jesus tells us the the Spirit gives life!

Anoint­ing oil had a dis­tinct scent. It was made from a recipe of Myrrh, Cin­na­mon, olives, and var­i­ous spices. (Exo­dus 30)

When you sense a true hunger stir­ring on the inside, its a sign that you will be filled, you will be strength­ened, you will be used of God in these last days. (Matthew 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for right­eous­ness, for they will be filled.)

The Word
Once the aroma of the oil has rekin­dled your hunger, eat!

Ezekiel 2:8 NIV
“But you, son of man, lis­ten to what I say to you. Do not rebel like that rebel­lious house; open your mouth and eat what I give you.”

Jere­miah 15:16 KJV
Your words were found, and I did eat them; and your word was unto me the joy and rejoic­ing of my heart: for I am called by your name, O LORD God of hosts.

We must hunger, cry out and desire above all else the Word, power and the pres­ence of our God.

Your hunger for God will pro­pel you forward.

Proverbs 16:26
The appetite of labor­ers works for them; their hunger dri­ves them on.

We must be vig­i­lant, inten­tional with our time to seek God.  We must yearn to wor­ship and to become inti­mately acquainted with our Sav­ior, so God will be glo­ri­fied through our works.

We must be a fit army, ready to receive the har­vest of souls!

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