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Sarah DeLane
Evangelist & Missionary

MUSICAL STYLE: Inspirational/Gospel/ Worship

FROM: Nashville, TN U.S.A.

Sarah DeLane strives for a goal that goes far beyond a song: drawing people closer to the Lord.

Sarah DeLane is not your typical concert performer. Response to her gospel-flavored sound has been overwhelmingly favorable. But Sarah unabashedly strives for a goal that goes far beyond entertainment: drawing people closer to the Lord.

Ms DeLane’s debut album showcases her wide-ranging voice in a jazzy, contemporary pop/gospel format. Ms. DeLane has a confident delivery that should stand her in good stead in the future.

-The Dallas Morning News


“She had the attention of everyone in the room, regardless of age…” “I would highly recommend her on the basis of talent and ministry. However, if someone needed to boost their congregation’s interest in missions abroad and soul winning – she is one of the best I’ve encountered.”

-Pastor Gary Gray
Assemblies of God

Giving, made simple.

Not everyone can go half-way around the world to minister the Gospel. Not everyone has the contacts and open door that SDM has been favored with.

However, everyone can give something to make it happen.

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