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Sarah DeLane

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Sarah DeLane is a gospel singer with a unique mission: to bring people closer to the Lord. Her gospel-flavored sound has received overwhelming praise, but her goal goes far beyond entertaining people. Sarah’s love for music has never faded, but her ministry has significantly evolved as she has allowed herself to be guided by God. Her journey began when she was just seven years old, and she and her family were invited to travel overseas with Chinese Evangelist Dr. Nora Lam. During that journey, Sarah developed a deep love for Asia and its people. That love continues to grow as she travels as a missionary to hard areas of the world. In her mission work, she often hand-carries Bibles and humanitarian aid to remote areas, encouraging those who some called “the forgotten.”Sarah is a gifted singer and songwriter, and her talent has taken her all over the world. As a teen, she spent eight years touring with Music Evangelist Nancy Harmon. Sarah participated for six years in the successful Gaither Homecoming Tour, led by renowned songwriter Bill Gaither, which allowed her to share her music and mission with more than a million people.

One of her greatest joys was serving as a Music Pastor and on the executive Pastoral Staff at Tennessee’s largest Assembly of God church, Cornerstone Church. For five and a half years, she led worship, oversaw major events, and illustrated sermons that drew thousands to Christ. She also developed worship leaders to serve the local church, teaching them to prioritize ministry over artistry.

Sarah is not just a musician but also a renowned speaker who frequently speaks at women’s events, church services, and media appearances. Her ministry is unique as it is based on her deep passion for the Word of God. She can connect with people at all stages of their faith journey through the message of Christ. Her extensive experience in serving the local church andabroad has equipped her for even greater ministry opportunities in thefuture. Sarah and her husband, Kelly Back, a successful studio musician, reside near Nashville, Tennessee. They are combining their musical skills to write new songs for her upcoming CD releases. Sarah continues to travel to remote areas, encouraging the forgotten through her music, the gospel, and prayer and providing them with Bibles and aid that they desperately need, all with the goal of drawing people to the Lord.

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Sarah DeLane has dedicated her life to taking the gospel to either those who have never heard or those who live in restricted nations and sincerely need the Word of God.

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